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CIncinnati, Ohio

Located on 5 acres in the heart of Montgomery, Ohio, this auto dealership faced multiple challenges during the planning stages. A balance needed to be struck between the municipality, which required that the building fit in with the traditional style of Old Montgomery; the owners, whose goal was an effective and aesthetically pleasing retail space; and the requirements of the brand, which would necessitate a sleek and modern design. Overcoming these challenges meant incorporating these differing ideas and styles into one cohesive and unique working space.

The brick chosen for the exterior creates an inviting view of the building from along Montgomery Road. In addition, the antique style lighting fixtures add and old world charm that successfully reflects the character of the area itself, thus meeting the requirement for the city. The contemporary interior, however, has an altogether different feel than the exterior. The curtain wall front allows in plenty of light, which showcases the modern lines of the showroom. The combination of dark blue and metallic gray highlight the curvature of the floor and ceiling, leading the eye down a path that stops at the stars of the show the sleek and shiny new vehicles. Columbia Chevrolet is two stories, complete with a parts department and service area containing 18 service bays, 1 wash, and a six-vehicle service lane.