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The professionals of SFA Architects have compiled a comprehensive and diverse portfolio of experience. The office does not specialize in a single building type or a specific architectural "style", but rather fosters collaboration amongst its professionals to achieve the best solution for each individual client. It is our belief that teaming, both with the client and internally, harbors innovative solutions, explores unique project contexts and grantees client satisfaction. Our buildings work for our clients and their facility's users. Our commitment to each client is unwavering. A key element to our success is the thoroughness of the initial programming and research with which our team approaches each new project. Our developed design techniques ensure that each user's/owner's needs are incorporated into a complete building program. While some of our innovative design solutions are the result of continuous research by our staff, many are grown from interaction with project representatives. Due to our high design standards, we have developed solutions that are not only feasible and economical but aesthetically inviting.

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