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Passionate | Decisive | Trusted | Intuitive | Responsive | Seasoned | Enduring

With its 49 year heritage of creativity, collaboration, and responsiveness, SFA Architects delivers multiple approaches, problem-solving intuition and cost effective solutions that consistently exceed client's expectations.

Better Design Solutions
- Seasoned leadership with an intuitive understanding of client's needs
- Rigorous review of all alternatives with multiple option solutions
- All designs meet or exceed client's aesthetic and economic criteria

More Collaborative Approach
- Flawless synergy on all work processes with clients and external partners
- Intimate understanding of your needs and close communication links
- Strong, enduring, professional relationships with clients

Unsurpassed Industry Leadership
- Principals are widely recognized as leaders in their business segments
- Over 30,000,000 SF of space designed in the past 60 years
- Long term relationships with the leading commercial developers

Unwavering Dedication
- A passion to treat our client's projects as if they were our own
- Nimble, responsive attitude and actions through project completion
- Supportive work environment and caring company culture

Secure and Confident Client Mindset
- Best project completion record - always on time and on budget
- Anticipation of issues before they become problematic
- Our client's success always comes first

Trusted Partner
- Track record for exceeding expectations - from inception to completion - no surprises
- Client-centric dedication and shared vision for project objectives
- Legacy of successful, noteworthy, cost-effective projects