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SFA Planners offers a level of quality investigation and production unrivaled by other local planning firms. Our planners work with each client to identify their specific needs, both now and in the future. We collect and process this information through a series of graphical studies and statistical analysis to determine the best planning solution for you and your project. Because our office maintains in-house architectural, planning, interior design and mechanical and electrical engineering services, our professionals have a comprehensive understanding of building needs. The services we offer encompass the full spectrum of client requests, from project-inception to completion. With architects, planners, mechanical and electrical engineers and interior designers located in the same office, opportunities for communication and innovation are greatly enhanced. Therefore, our projects truly combine an integrated approach to achieve the best value for every customer.

In addition, when a client hires SFA Planners in conjunction with SFA Architects the project has complete cohesion and inter-operability; we are able to produce faster and better-coordinated technical documents, resulting in an overall savings for the client.