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This 55-unit 102,000 sqft condominium development targets the niche market of urban dwelling in Cincinnati. With its innovative and stylish design, it is a trendsetter in downtown living, offering new construction in the heart of one of the city's oldest downtown neighborhoods.

Five floors of 2 story residential units, and one single story penthouse level sit on top of a three level parking garage, and offer dramatic views of Cincinnati's downtown and riverfront attraction. The cutting-edge modern sensibility of this project's distinctive brushed aluminum, concrete, and glass design brings a new level of sophistication to downtown living. It conveys an image of economy, efficiency and order, essential characteristics to city living. The exterior of Parker Flats successfully combines artistic architectural design and functional, livable space within the framework of a historic downtown environment.

Each unit has glass overhead doors and balconies, which transform indoor living to outdoor entertainment. The loft style units have an industrial feel with exposed beams, concrete floors and open mezzanines. .