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SFA Architects believes that the transference of information incites growth. This is the guiding principle behind SFA's diverse project portfolio.

SFA's portfolio is based on a quality of professionalism and design integrity that transcends a standard building typology. Some of the projects we have completed are: K-12 schools, university buildings, private homes, multitenant residences, corporate offices, hospitals, civic buildings, scientific laboratories, green house conservatories, libraries and public retail spaces.

Just as students participate in a Liberal Arts curriculum to diversify their knowledge base and bolster their potential, the architects at SFA design various building types to diversify their understanding of architecture and empower them to push educational design. SFA draws inspiration from its involvement in a wide-range of projects. Successful and innovative solutions are inspired and developed through the cross-pollination of diverse design experiences.

SFA Architects has a long standing tradition of encouraging its young professionals to participate in schematic design. The fresh eyes and minds for growing designers bring a level of design enthusiasm and excitement of potential to every pursuit.

When planning a building, our architects engage the client and end users in an open dialogue to identify characteristics of their ideal facility. It is within the ideas gathered from the client and end user that many of our most exciting and inventive ideas are born. We believe the fluid collaboration between client and architect is an invaluable part of the design process.