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Miami University desired an exciting atmosphere for their newest culinary venture while maintaining a tight budget. As a departure from the traditional dining hall model, a series of smaller, more intimate spaces are created with arcs imposed in the rectangular plan while maintaining a seating capacity of ninety-four. The entry is punctuated by a signage wall of resin panels and plastic and metal laminates. The central dining space becomes the focus of the entire room. The walls, which are clad in white and blue iridescent resin panels and aluminum trim, include a custom designed translucent fabric structure that accentuates the curvilinear form. Bold, colorful, lightweight and translucent materials were chosen to contrast the buildingĄ¯s Georgian architecture and this contrast is continued with the addition of color-changing lighting that washes the signage wall and the fabric structures. Additional accent lighting reinforces the intimacy of the dining spaces by subtly lighting each table individually. The result is a space designed by SFA Architects that meets the client's needs and exceeds their expectations.