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The term "sustainable design" represents environmentally sensitive architectural practices. We believe it is our obligation to incorporate sustainability and context into our designs. We understand the importance of responsible environmental designs. Many of our professional staff are LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified. In addition, SFA is an ENERGY STAR Partner in partnership with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.

We view sustainability as a core element to be integrated into our collective thinking throughout each project and not as an added component at the end of the process. Addressing such issues as building siting, natural lighting, sun angles, soils, best management practices, native plantings, energy efficiency, resource and material conservation, and indoor environmental quality, our design team incorporates the current 'best thinking' into each project throughout the entire process. .

SFA has presented for numerous federal, state and local groups on all aspects of green building design. Our office is a laboratory for integrating daylighting, interior views, advanced LED lighting, efficient fixtures, renewable resources and recycling into its business practices. Team members recently designed a new LEED Gold Certified facility for the US EPA. In addition, we currently have nine school projects that are in various phases of design or construction where LEED certification is a significant part of the scope of services. .

Sustainable design does not always require a plaque on the wall. SFA has been an advocate for high performance schools that promote healthier students, higher test scores, environmentally progressive technology, retention of faculty and staff, and greater occupant comfort and operating efficiency. We accept this as our legacy and our commitment to the communities we serve.